Extracting WSPs from MOSS

Currently in the middle of a MOSS 2007 -> SharePoint 2010 migration and there is a lot of cruft in the existing configuration.  I think that a lot of it can be removed, but you never actually know until you have migrated successfully.  Since time is of the essence and I could waste of lot it rewriting WSP files and solutions that aren’t needed, it is much more useful to try extracting the existing solutions out of SharePoint.  I had done this many moons ago as part of an upgrade from SP1, but it required a Console App and some custom code.  Thankfully, the MOSS farm was on SP2 and the server had Powershell installed.  A swift Googling led me to the following Powershell script:

Start-Transcript "c:\wsp\transcript.txt"
$solutions = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPFarm]::Local.Solutions;
foreach ($solution in $solutions) {
   $solution.SolutionFile.SaveAs("c:\wsp\" + $solution.Name);


Which works perfectly.  So massive hat tip to Ben Leach.

PowerShell is swiftly becoming one of the best things Microsoft ever did.


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